Benefits of strong posture

Poor POsture
strong Posture
neck pain
low back pain
shoulder pain
poor digestion
foggy thinking
decreased lung capacity
fewer headaches
less pain
better performance
better digestion
more energy
clear thinking
reduce stress
feel better overall 
better breathing

Strong posture is essential to healthy living. Its effects on wellness, longevity, sports performance, better digestion, back and neck pain, and attitude are endless. At Core Health & Wellness, we believe in getting to the source of your pain and discomfort to reduce and eliminate symptoms. Covering up back pain and stiffness with medication doesn't solve the problem. Proven chiropractic care, unwavering commitment to your wellness journey, and an eagerness to hear your feedback are the tenants of our process.


Posture goes beyond 'standing up straight'. It can affect your energy level, your physical activity, and even help prevent degenerative spinal issues at any age. 


Everyone can improve their posture with exercise and professional help. It's a part of an intelligent lifestyle habit. Having a strong posture strengthens balance and helps us to move well, feel well and be well.



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