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Not all Chiropractors are the same

Just as not all teachers are the same neither are chiropractors. I have learned a lot about the field of chiropractic that I never knew before and working here I feel obligated to let others know as well. It is important to know this information because I feel we have been lied to in our lives regarding how to obtain and maintain our health.

Dr. Cadotte is big on educating his patients. His belief is to help his patient obtain peak performance whatever that means to the person because it's different for everyone.

He approaches everyone from the angle of each person has needs that are not the same as the next, so I must provide care that is not the same as everyone else.

He also has many different financial options to meet any budget as to not let finances get in the way of a persons desire to reach a healthy state.

He shows this diagram to all of his patience before they enter care on a more regular basis that is called the Brain Body Diagram.

I didn't know before working here that the spinal cord houses all the nerves in the body that communicate with the entire internal and external structure of the body.

The digestive tract, the liver function and the ongoing headaches all come from a subluxation in the spine where that nerve has interference so that the communication cannot effectively reach that system to keep it healthy.

So it makes sense that no matter what ailment you have going on you should see a chiropractor first to remove the nerve interference and let the body naturally heal itself.

But what we do instead is go see a medical doctor and allow him or her to medicate our symptom rather than get to the cause of the symptom and heal that.

Dr. Cadotte is a biomechanical expert, a mechanic for your body, getting to the root cause of the stressor and removing the interference.

When you have something go wrong with your car you wouldn't hide it in the garage and hope it gets better by ignoring it.

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