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Three Mantras For Better Posture

Posture can have a big impact on your day-to-day wellness. Everything from how you feel, how you present yourself, and how your body functions can be greatly affected by posture. At Core Health, we offer posture screening to address your stance and posture to address issues related to these health issues.

Patients always come in knowing full well that they need a little work to fix their posture. How many have heard "Stand up straight!" barked at us by parents, spouses, or friends? But aside from just knowing, there is plenty of information that will encourage you to keep posture on your mind all day long. Developing a few good habits by remembering these mantras can make a big impact.

I Am Tall. Stand up straight is really about elongating your spine and neck. The best way to do this is to imagine yourself trying to be as tall as possible, with your shoulders back, chin up, and your hips pressed slightly forward.

Sit Back. At your desk, move your pelvis as far back in the chair as you can and keep your back against your chair's backrest. You may even put a rolled up towel to pad against your spine and keep the natural curve in your vertebrae.

Sit Up. Toned abominable muscles do more than just look good. Your abs are crucial in supporting your upper body and spine, as well as help develop habits that promote good posture while seated, standing, or even driving.

Ready to see where you stand? Your posture screening is the first step to a healthier back, less pain, and a more positive, engaging presentation of your personality to the world.

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