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Three Tips For Office Posture

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While not everyone spends their days in front of a computer, plenty of us do. Posture can be a huge factor in your spinal health, your happiness, and even your productivity.

You spend eight hours a day in front of a computer screen, which is one-third of your full twenty four hours! What you do at work can have a lasting impact not just on the job, but on your energy levels, mood, and physical well-being once you punch the clock. We take a look at three dynamic moves that you can do at your desk that can help you stay mindful of your posture at work, loosen up muscles, and keep you feeling energized.

Work in some movement. These exercises are meant to be done at your desk, but whenever possible, get up and go for a short walk. Take a lap around the office, go up and down the stair well, or even just run something to the mail room that needs delivering. In between chances to walk, try to work in a stretch every 30 minutes, or at least every hour.

Shoulder Rolls. Looking down at screens, keyboards, phones...our entire body is slowly being pulled into the shape of a 'C'. A big factor is allowing your shoulders to slump down and forward; to counteract, work in some shoulders roles. Sitting up straight roll our shoulders backward, as if you were trying to touch your shoulder blades together, then down, then forward, then up as if you were trying to touch the lobes of your ears. Try to do this for 20-30 seconds in each direction to lengthen your neck and loosen up your muscles.

Stationary Walk. Okay, this one is a little different. One issue that causes poor posture is crossing your legs, or leaning way back in your chair and letting your legs go long and straight in front of you. Instead, work on sitting on the front edge of your chair, with your knees at roughly a 90 degree angle. To keep this position longer, walk your feet in little steeps in each direction; they'll probably only move a few inches in total, but it helps to reinforce this proper posture, as well as strengthen your core.

Side-to-Side. Sitting and staring for hours will leave any neck feeling stiff. While looking up and down gives some movement, it can do your neck muscles and spine a lot of relief to work in some lateral movement, too. Without pushing with your hands, simply tilt your head down to your shoulder. Don't push or try actually move your shoulder to make contact; instead, just allow the weight of your head to slowly stretch the neck muscles for 20-30 seconds. After straightening up for a few seconds, repeat to the opposite shoulder. It's important not to push or actively press the head down, which can be stressful to muscles or the spine. Let the body unwind at its own pace.

There are so many ways to improve your posture in the workplace, and we are always available to help design your office, desk, even your position in the chair to reduce back pain, neck pain, or other issues. These can have a big impact on everything from your energy, mood, and productivity. Let's get your whole office working, feeling, and living better, at their desks and at home, too!

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