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Tech Neck: How Electronics Might Be Hurting Your Spine

Tech Neck and how Core Health can help you improve your workstation.

You see it everywhere you go; people with a sharp bend in the neck to stare down at their phone, or hunched over at a desk to stare at their computer.

We're not criticizing folks for using phones or computers. Electronics are ingrained in everyday life and are crucial to work, home, and exercise, as well as entertainment. It's how we get our news, watch TV, and for many of us, how we read and relax. But when you combine screen time at work and at home, and you're spending some serious time on the web.

While it's not the same sort of strain you might associate with heavy lifting, that abnormal, C-shaped bend in the spine when looking at screens does impart stress on muscles and vertebrae. The position increases strain by roughly 7%, and while that may not seem like a lot, it can really add up when over 10, 12, or even 14 hours of screen-time.

Symptoms of 'tech neck' include headaches, neck pain, ringing in the ears, and even numbness in the arms and fingers.

The key to avoiding or reducing strain from tech neck is to improve the ergonomics of your workstation. Ensure that your screens are at eye-level, using an elevated desk as another option. If you're using your phone, try to hold it up as high as possible, and consider finding a place to sit with your arms up in front of you to reduce bending your neck.

Looking for help in improving your workstation, or to ensure your workers have a safe, productive place to that won't cause them issue? Contact us for help in crafting a better workplace!

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