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Happy New Year From Core Health and Wellness!

It has been a busy holiday season for so many of our clients, and while we certainly enjoyed our time with friends and family, we're excited to find that familiar rhythm again!

For many, the holidays are fast-paced, with big meals, sweet foods, and plenty of travel getting in the way of their exercise, nutrition, and adjustments. As we head into a new year, now is a great time not just to find your rhythm again, but to incorporate subtle but important changes that will have a big impact on how you feel, function, and perform in the year ahead.

No matter where you're at in your wellness journey, there's always room for improvement. This month, take the time to identify one habit that you'd like to change for the rest of the year. It might be related to anything; change your late night snack from a cookie to an apple. Add one more day to your exercise routine. Commit to getting your chiropractic adjustment once or twice a month, rather than wait until it's too late. Picking one thing can help you on the road to making positive changes in all sorts of areas.

We're also big fans of addressing more than one area of your health. If your big goal is to lose weight, look at others aspects of your day-to-day life that have an impact on it. Sometimes the key to losing five pounds isn't exercising more, but reducing your caloric intake at one meal, or even getting up fifteen minutes earlier to have a better breakfast, rather than just grabbing something on the way to work. Here's a good example; we often work with folks who always get hungry in the afternoon. They tend to reach for quick, unhealthy options like muffins, bagels, and sweets because those are the types of things we tend to see hanging around an office or at the gas station. Our challenge instead was to bring a box of their favorite tea. Instead of reaching for a snack, they had a cup of chamomile; they weren't hungry at three in the afternoon, they were really just thirsty!

It's those types of changes and experiments that make this first month of the year so exciting. Every single day, you have the opportunity to improve. Remember, the bad days don't mean you've failed, and the good days don't mean you're done. Always strive for a little something happier and healthier!

Let's make this the year you tackle nutrition, posture, and take care of your body right. Reach out, and we'll get you started!

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