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What Causes Poor Posture?

Posture can have a big impact on your overall health, and not just your back. We’ve talked about it plenty of times, but we recently got a really great question; if we have a natural posture, what causes our body to develop poor posture habits? There are a couple of answers to this, and we’ll jump right in!

First off, we do have a natural posture that keeps our spine straight, our neck straight, our shoulders back, and our head nice and level. Of course, there are many factors in everyday life that can impact how our body holds itself. Environmental factors like ‘tech neck’, your desk, your computer, your driver’s seat, nearly everything you touch can contort your body out of that natural, idea position. You can do a lot to protect your back and neck by getting professional help in designing your workspace to better support your spine, as well as opting for adjustable chairs, desk, and equipment that moves to suit you, rather than you adjust to fit it.

Our bodies take a lot of abuse over the years and that wear and tear can add up as well. Old injuries, tight muscles, and sore joints can cause us to favor or overuse certain muscles, twisting to adjust and account for those other issues. Over time, your body can adopt these positions by default, resulting in accentuated and unhealthy spinal curvature.

Even strong muscles can have an impact on your posture, at least when those muscles interact with weaker ones. Having one side of your body strong than another through overuse or repeated exercise can have a pulling effect on your back muscles. Having a strong core can help support your spine and keep that straight, upright position. It can also help to work muscles in your back, buttocks, and shoulders to help combat slouching. We can help you identify the right stretches and exercises to make the process of improving or balancing muscle strength a little easier and safer!

The keys to improving posture are identifying these issues and crafting the right process of addressing them. We work with athletes, office workers, and individuals with demanding physical occupations to ensure their hobbies, injuries, and workplaces don’t have a negative impact on their spine or posture. With a free consultation and a posture screening, we can get you on the path to better spinal health in no time.

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