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Three Ways To Reduce Stress: Digital Editions

Life is busy, fast-paced, and can easily feel overwhelming. There are a lot of places that you can look to reduce that feeling of being busy, rushed, and stressed out, and we've got three to help you get started. The first place to look? Your phone.

You might even be reading this from your cell phone right now. In a lot of ways, smartphones do so much to reduce stress and make life easier. Having the ability to communicate on-the-go and on-the-fly can make tackling the day's tasks a bit more manageable, especially when the to-dos on your list tend to change based on the influence of others. However, it's important to make sure your mobile life works for you, not against you. We've picked up three tips to help reduce stress, reduce the amount of time you waste, and refocus your efforts to be connected, not overwhelmed.

Smartphones have a proven impact on your health, and there's a lot of research that shows it contributes to feelings of stress and anxiety. The impact is different for everyone, but it's pervasive, and it might lead to irritability and affect your relationships.

1. Do Not Disturb. At some point every day, you have to unplug. One of the worst habits for your sleep and your marital life is to be glued to your phone as you head to bed. Spend time in bed relaxing, unwinding, reconnecting with your partner, and refocusing your mind on sleeping, not checking things on your phone. Set a time to automatically enable Do Not Disturb mode on your cell phone; even better, plug your phone in to charge overnight in a room totally separate from where you sleep. Do it for a few nights and you may find that you fall asleep faster and sleep more soundly without the added distraction.

2. Turn Down The Notifications. From emails, news, texts, social media and more, your phone lights up like a pinball machine all day long. All that stimulation can be distracting, and it can also cause you to feel more stress. Go through your applications and turn non-essential notifications off. Do you really need show updates from Netflix, or alerts whenever Beyonce tweets? Unless it's family or vital to work, turn the 'extra' notifications off. You'll spend a lot less time 'checking' unnecessary alerts and then getting distracted once you've reached for your phone.

3. Schedule It Out. Putting your day together half hour by half hour, from work to working out to relaxing, helps to keep you on task and be more efficient with your time. Pencil in certain times to check your phone, and outside of those times, keep it just out of reach. Especially at work, you'll be amazed how much more you can get done without random windows of procrastination. Build five or ten minutes to flip through your phone before lunch, when you get home, or around breaks. Often times, you'll find that you're more interested in getting on with the next thing than flipping through Instagram; use your phone time to structure your day, not distract from it.

What other tips to you have for taking the stress out of every day life? Let us know in the comments!

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