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Heart Sound Recordings with Core Health And Wellness

Here at Core Health and Wellness, we rely on a number of resources and tools to offer an accurate look at your body, its functions, and what we can do to improve your daily experience. One of the most well-established tools is the Heart Sound Recorder. Using this device, we can make some power inferences in your nutrition needs.

HSR might sound like a modern medical device, but the roots of the technology and diagnostic dates all the way back to 1937. Doctor Royal Lee pioneered the use of the heart as a way to gain insight into heart function and to study how the muscle is impacted by nutritional excesses or deficiencies.

The HSR helps to create a picture of your heart beat by measuring the rhythm of your heart beat, as well as the tone. Combined, these allow trained professionals to pinpoint how your hard your heart is working and how each valve is working together to pump blood. Using a modern HSR, we’re able to determine is your heart is functioning at its optimal level. Additionally, we can determine how balanced your body chemistry is, learn what nutritional deficiencies are impacting your heart, and determine what other body systems might also be impacted.

Your heart is the most important muscle in your body, and it’s also the one most affected by inefficiencies and imbalances in your endocrine system, circulatory system, and organs like your liver and kidneys. These more external organs can have a big impact on how your heart functions.

The three components of a professional reading examine the rate, rhythm, and tone of your heart’s unique beat. The Rate of your heartbeat is controlled by the autonomic nervous system. Factors like age, gender, diet, fitness level, and nutrition all play a role in determining your heart rate and how it reacts to stress. The Rhythm of your heart rate is essentially the timing. The “lub-dub” sound of your heart reflects the two unique phases of a heart beat, which includes both work (flex) and rest (release). Imbalance can cause your heart to work too hard, or work too little; both of these issues are inefficient. Finally, the Tone of your heart is a measure of how efficiently your heart’s valves open and close. It’s another element that’s heavily influenced by diet and contributes to the general efficiency of your circulatory system.

We offer Heart Sound Recordings on select dates throughout the year. Contact Core Health and Wellness to learn when your next opportunity is to schedule a HSR session with Dr. Bill Cadotte.

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